Waterless Urinals

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Drinking water is for drinking and not for flushing through the sewer. The process of drinking water purification and transport takes a lot of energy. The less water we use, the less water (and energy) we need.

How it works:

A waterless urinal is always fitted with a filter, the so-called odor stop. This filter can work in several ways. Its main function is to effectively prevent the urine from emitting an unpleasant odor.

Save more than money with Mr. Friendly.

Waterless urinals do not use water for flushing. But how much is that and what will you save?

Save water
Waterless urinals save water. We don’t want to flush drinking water through urinals. An old-fashioned urinal that you still see a lot uses a lot of water, about 4 liters. The more modern urinals have already become a bit more economical, but still use about 2.5 liters of water per flush. The “small button” on a normal toilet consumes about 3.5 liters and a normal flush on a toilet consumes at least 6.5 liters per flush. One urinal in a busy location saves up to about 150,000 liters per year!

Reduce CO2 emissions
When we save water, we save more than water. Before water can be used for rinsing, it must first be available at all. This means pumping up, purifying and of course transporting. All this takes energy! And using energy produces CO2 emissions. In other words, if we save water, we also save on CO2 emissions.

Save on maintenance
Maintenance consists of two aspects. First of all, there is the daily cleaning. This is made easier by the absence of the flushing rim. In addition, there is maintenance of the flushing system and pipes. With water flushed urinals this is much more work. Replacing springs and batteries is recurring. The formation of urine stone is also a lot less with Mr. Friendly anhydrous urinals.

Save money
A waterless urinal is cheaper than a water-flushed urinal. It starts with construction. No water mains, no expensive flushing system and much less work. of course there is no need to pay for water because it is not consumed. Maintenance is cheaper. Cleaning is easier, there are fewer blockages and flushing systems do not break. However, costs are occasionally incurred for the filter. However, this far outweighs the savings.


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Robust plastic urinal with built-in Media player.

The urinal is equipped with a built-in video player. This allows men to be informed or entertained. Advertising can also be played or a combination of these. The software used is very advanced and capable of running a fun program. So not a boring run, but always different.

The video player is equipped with a sensor. This measures whether someone is actually standing there. The screen is only on when someone is actually in front of it. Very durable.

  • Promote products, events, news and special offers.
  • Advertise facilities, reminders, promotions or competitions.
  • Integrate your social media feeds.
  • Save up to 100,000 liters of water per urinal per year.
  • Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.


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