Dry and wet filters

The quality of a waterless urinal stands or falls with the quality of the filter.

There are several types of filters. There are big differences between the filters and each filter has its own application. However, the purpose of the different types of filters is always to ensure that no unpleasant odors can develop. Below we tell you more about the types and differences.

Wet Filter

The principle of a wet filter is based on the fact that oil floats on water (urine). The oil will therefore always be on top and thus covers the urine perfectly.

We prefer the wet filter. Basically, the wet filter is superior to the dry filter. This has a number of causes:

A membrane can leak. As soon as the membrane leaks it starts to smell badly and must be replaced. You can even smell the sewer because there is an open connection. A wet filter is also a siphon. This means that it is not possible for odors to come out of the sewer. However, the floating liquid may have disappeared. In that case a dash of oil should be added.

The wet filter is also a kind of container in which deposits can settle. A wet filter will always produce less urine stone in the pipes.

The wet filter is stronger. In “heavy duty” environments where, for example, sand (beach clubs) or glass (bars) can get into the urinal, we certainly recommend the wet filter.

Dry Filter

The principle of a dry filter is based on a filter with a kind of one-way traffic. The liquid (urine) can enter, but not get out.
In some cases, although the wet filter is preferred, it is better to use a dry filter. This applies in the following cases:Air pressure problems. Air pressure problems can cause the siphon to be sucked empty. This causes the urinal to use too much liquid. This can sometimes occur if too little aeration has been installed, or sometimes in very old pipe systems.

The desire to flush (a lot of) water through the urinal. In a urinal with a wet filter it is undesirable to rinse large amounts of water (eg empty a bucket). If that happens, the oil can be pushed away and must be replenished.

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