Maintenance of waterless urinals

No flush edge. Anhydrous urinals are easy to maintain. Compared to a water-rinsed urinal, it has a number of aspects that make maintenance and daily cleaning easier. For starters, they don’t have a spool rim. Under the rinsing edge dirt settles because you find it difficult to reach. Our waterless urinals are not affected.

The edge is also very narrow. A normal rinsing edge is much wider and, as it were, catches a lot of urine, because it does not end, but is also not rinsed. All in all, due to the lack of the rinsing rim, keeping it clean is easier and faster.

The lack of a rinsing system also has the advantage that no flushing is therefore not rinsed. It is precisely through the rinsing that small drops that float through the space. With our waterless urinals this is not the case.

By design – easier to maintain.

The design of the urinal is important, because it has a lot of influence on daily cleaning and keeping the environment clean.

The design has a number of features that make keeping clean easier than other urinals:
No flat parts. As a result, urine can always eventually run to the drain. Many urinals have a flat top and urine remains on it.
A back wall that runs diagonally to the rear. The ‘puddle angle’ is important because it prevents urine from splashing back. Small drops end up outside the urinal or the user’s clothing due to a wrong design.

Not a rinsing system. A flushing system is physically visible. There is often a button or sensor. Due to small floating drops, these types of parts should be kept clean. With an anhydrous urinal, this is missing and is therefore easier to keep clean.

The durable urinal is narrow at the front. This automatically causes the man to be closer. This is in contrast to wide and round urinals (or steel containers, for example), where men automatically take a step back, because they are afraid that their clothing will be hit.

Pipe and filter maintenanceIn addition to urinal urinals need to be cleaned daily (at busier locations), attention should occasionally be paid to the pipes and filters. On the filter page filterswe describe the technique and something about maintenance. If the filter is replaced or cleaned, it is wise to clean the pipe as well. We advise to rinse a bucket of water every now and then and to keep the pipe clean. The hybrid model does this automatically.

If the filter has been removed, it is also wise to clean the start of the pipe with a ‘bottle purse cleaner’. This prevents the buildup of urine stone. Also rinse a bucket of water.

Urinals with a wet filter have less trouble with urine stone, because most of the deposit is collected in the filter.

It is also important to spray something in addition to the urinal because urine is also present on the ground. See here for more information about cleaning.

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