Waterless Technology – How It Works

The URIMAT® MB­-ActiveTrap® collects the urine and channels it into the waste pipe without flushing, while at the same time sealing in any odours. Fluids are channelled via a vertical membrane straight into the sewage system. Above the membrane there is a microbiological cleaning block which prevents build­up of deposits both inside the odour seal unit and in the waste pipe. As soon as fluids stop flowing through the membrane, it automatically forms an air­tight seal. After the MB-­ActiveCube® has dis­solved, the red surface beneath the transparent cover signals that the odour trap has to be replaced.

Content Trap

A – Patented three-way control

The cover of the integrated MB­-ActiveCube® has three settings which regulate the efficiency of the block, thereby controlling its effective service life.

B – Integrated MB-ActiveCube

The integrated MB-­ActiveCube® improves hy­giene, reduces deposits and prevents the inside of the odour trap and the waste pipe becoming encrusted with organic matter, urine deposits and fats.

C – Livecycle indicator

When the MB­-ActiveTrap® needs to be changed, the life­cycle indicator will let you know. After the MB­ActiveCube® has been removed, the red surface below the transparent cover indicates that the MB-­ActiveTrap® needs to be replaced.

D – Vertically sealing membrane system

The vertical membrane technology guarantees that odours are completely sealed away and is able to withstand both negative and positive pressures. It is impossible for gases from the sewage system to escape.

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